All natural dog treats and food promote good health.

Fresh all natural dog food Fresh raw dog food Fresh raw dog food Organic dog food and biscuits

Good nutrition is vitally important to maintain your dog’s health and help fight disease.  Mollie, our 13 year old lab, suffered from severe food allergies and was in declining health.  Once our vet determined her food sensitivities, we tried a number of diets.  She began to thrive on a nutritionally balanced raw diet. 

Many owners are concerned about the health risks including samonella or escherichia coli for dogs eating raw food. Dogs are natural carnivores and eat raw meat as their natural diet. Dogs have stronger stomach acids than people and this protects them from these diseases.

Our hope is that your four-legged friend can benefit from Mollie’s Meals and Treats.  A wholesome well balanced diet promotes:

  healthy skin and coat, less shedding and fewer allergies,

strong well developed bones,

bright clear eyes,

firmer stools (and less of them),

well defined muscle tone,

healthy teeth and gums and better breath,

fewer digestive problems,

increased energy and vitality,

quality of life and longevity.

 In addition to nutritious food, dogs need shelter, exercise, fresh water and love. 


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