Mollie's Meals & Treats

Handmade Dog Treats


Flavors $7.95 for 12 oz.

Classic Loves: organic all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, stone ground corn meal, organic chicken broth, milk powder, yeast, egg whites

Apple Cinnamon: organic whole wheat flour, organic stone ground corn meal, filtered water, extra virgin olive oil, apples, spices

Veggie: organic parsley, green beans, carrots, nutritional yeast, extra virgin olive oil, organic whole wheat flour, oat bran, filtered water, baking powder

Peanut Butter: organic whole wheat flour, old fashioned oats, organic peanut butter, soy milk, organic honey, baking powder

Fresh Breath: organic brown rice flour, organic fresh peppermint, organic fresh parsley, hormone-free milk, extra virgin olive oil, activated charcoal, farm fresh organic eggs, organic all purpose flour

Tasty Garlic: organic wheat flour, organic oat bran, chicken stock, extra virgin olive oil, brewer???s yeast, garlic.

Chewy Bagel Treats


Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, gluten, filtered water, milk powder, yeast, sugar, barley malt, organic old fashioned oats, sea salt.

Specialty Pup Cakes

Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting
Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, organic old fashioned oats, cheddar cheese, bacon, olive oil, farm fresh organic eggs, brown sugar, oat germ, baking soda, sea salt.

Chicken and Veggie Raw Food

Our fresh Raw Food is highly perishable and shipping must be expedited. Please complete the form below to order raw food and we will contact you shortly to arrange payment and shipping.

Ingredients: organic chicken, organic old fashioned oats, seasonal veggies (carrots, green beans, squash, peas), flaxseed oil, olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, organic fresh parsley, organic fresh mint, ginger, vitamins and essential minerals (nutritional yeast, bone meal, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, lecithin, kelp and alfalfa).

Raw Food Order

Please email us or call us at 360.378.3587 to order raw food.

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